Provisioning your iOS Device with an MDM

Set up and control your apps in Kiosk mode using device supervision and MDM

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TelemetryTV is now available as an iOS app on the Apple Store. This app will allow you to turn your iPad into a digital signage player. This means that you can take advantage of iOS MDM (Mobile Device Management) tools to provision your devices with TelemetryTV.

In this article, you'll learn how you can use an MDM tool to provision your iOS devices. For this example, we've used SimpleMDM. You may choose to use a different tool if desired.

Using MDM with your iOS devices means that you can configure and control your devices all from one location, making automatic enrollment a streamlined and highly scalable process. Provisioning with MDM also makes it easy to setup your App in Kiosk Mode which means that you can let your users interact with the app while keeping it 'locked on screen'. You can also rest assured that these highly portable devices are secure as they can be wiped with the click of a button if they fall into the wrong hands.

Provisioning with MDM

Pre-Configuration: In order to provision on iOS, you will need to have first setup your Apple Business Manager account .

Setting up your MDM

Create an enrollment profile at as follows:

Devices > Enter a label for device group and name > Create

Devices > Enrollments > Create Enrollment > One-Time Enrollment

Download the Enrollment by scanning the QR code on your Device or sending the enrollment link to your device:

Note: After the profile configuration file is downloaded install it at at Settings > Profiles > Install on your device.

Apple configurator

Download Apple Configurator 2 from the  App Store onto your PC

Plug in your device to your Mac PC and then Select it on the screen. Then go to Actions > Prepare from the top toolbar:

Select Manual Configuration and check off "Add to Device Enrollment Program" and "Allow devices to pair with other computers", then click Next:

Next, select your Apple Business Manager Organization > Next > Prepare

Note: Once this is done you should be able to toggle between “All Devices” and “Supervised” at the top of the screen and find your iPad in both.

Managing your MDM Profile

Assign your Device to a Group

Select your Device > Actions >  Assign to Group

Click on Groups and then select the group name you created when configuring your MDM. Here, we named it "Default".

Finally, go to the Rules tab > Add Apps > search for TelemetryTV on the App Store 

Provisioning Telemetry TV

Add Telemetry TV to your Catalog on App & Media

Click on the TelemetryTV App Name and go to the Managed Configuration tab

Insert “provisioningToken” into Key and your Token into “Value”

Note: Your token can be derived from Telemetry Player Editor from Settings -> Provisioning Token > Copy

Once you save this configuration then your MDM syncing for the device should be complete and launch into the TelemetryApp as a provisioned Kiosk which is controlled under your Apple MDM account.

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