Android Digital Signage Player USB Provisioning

A guide for provisioning Android digital signage players via a USB drive.

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USB Provisioning requires that you have a free USB port on your Android device. 

To obtain your provisioning file, follow these instructions:

  1. In your TelemetryTV account, go to Settings > Provisioning Tokens

  2. Beside the Default provisioning, click the download icon to download the provisioning file to your computer and rename the file "telemetry_config.json"

Note: You may add new provisioning tokens to your account to have different devices automatically provision to different playlists, however we suggest sticking with the Default provisioning and changing the playlist later to keep it simple.

Next, connect your formatted USB storage stick and create the following directory structure on it, placing the provisioning file within the directory. It is important to follow this structure:


Example of structure:

Next, start up the TelemetryTV app on your Android digital signage player (make sure you downloaded it). When you see the startup screen below, insert the USB stick to the device:

Your device will automatically be connected to your TelemetryTV account and provisioned with WiFi and other network settings. Telemetry will close and then reboot into the provisioned playlist on your account. Please note that you should find each device on the Devices page in your TelemetryTV account as they are added and give them a unique, identifying name.

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