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Using TelemetryTV's Canva Integration
Using TelemetryTV's Canva Integration

How to use TelemetryTV's Canva integration to create custom signage in a few clicks

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Canva is an online, easy-to-use graphic design tool that empowers anyone to create professional quality designs. TelemetryTV's Canva integration allows you to create and edit Canva content directly from your TelemetryTV account so you can display your creations in no time. 

Check out the video below to see just how easy it is to create Canva content directly from your Playlist editor:

Important Notes on Canva

Accessing Canva

In order to use TelemetryTV's Canva integration, you will need to have a Canva account. If you are not logged in to a Canva account, you will be prompted to log in or sign up the first time you access Canva in TelemetryTV.

🚨 Please note: Due to limitations of Google Auth, it is not possible to sign into your Canva account using Google Auth from the TelemetryTV Desktop App. If you need to sign in using Google Auth, please use TelemetryTV in a browser.

Creating Canva Files

You can access Canva from two locations within TelemetryTV:

  • From your Playlist editor, you can create a new Canva file by clicking the "Canva" tab in the editor panel on the right hand side. 

  • From the Media tab, you can create a new Shared Canva file by clicking the "Canva" button in the top left of the page

Canva files created directly in the Playlist Editor will not be shared. To add these files to your Shared repository, click the "Share this Design" button to organize the file into a folder. 

The file can also be copied to different playlists by using the "Duplicate Page" and "Move Page" features.

Any Canva files added via the Shared Repository can be added to your playlist through the Media tab > Shared Media. 

You can also create Canva content to fit the size of pre-existing zones. The trick here is to add your zone template before you create your Canva design:

Canva Paid Content

Canva offers a huge library of free images and other elements to use in your designs. However, some elements require a licensing fee to use.

To publish content with elements that require a fee, you will need to have billing set up on your Canva account. This is completely separate from TelemetryTV and we will not provide support for any issues with your Canva account or Canva billing.

💡Pro tip: Turn on the "Free" filter when searching for design elements to filter out paid content.

Now that you know how to create Canva designs directly from your TelemetryTV account, it's time to start designing! 🤩

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