How does billing work?

Learn how our dynamic billing system works.

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TelemetryTV offers various tiers of pricing plans to offer discounted plans for those using smaller sets of features. Our dynamic pricing makes digital signage more accessible to all kinds of customers.

In this article, you'll learn exactly how you are billed so you can understand our charging system before you decide on a TelemetryTV plan.


All billing, either monthly or annually, is charged on a per device basis. A device refers to any of our supported hardware that is paired or provisioned to your TelemetryTV account.

For example, if you have 3 Ugoos X3 PRO devices paired to your TelemetryTV account, you will be charged for 3 devices.

How to count your devices

The easiest way to understand your device count is by looking at the "Devices" page. Here, you'll see a list of all connected devices. 

You will be charged for any ACTIVE devices in your list. Active devices include both devices that are currently online (with a green icon) or have been online within the last 30 days (with a grey icon). 

If you have any offline devices that are still active (grey icon) that you will not be using, please delete them from your device list to avoid being charged.

You will not be charged for inactive devices with a red icon that have been inactive for more than 30 days. 

New device grace period

When you pair or provision a new device, you will not be charged for this device until it has been active for 6 hours. This gives you the opportunity to attach test devices, use them, and delete them without being charged as long as it is within that window.


When you choose monthly billing, you will be billed each month on your monthly renewal date based on the number of active devices (green/grey icon) on your account during the last 30 days.

If you remove or add devices, your monthly bills will vary based on your number of active devices.


When you choose annual billing, you will be billed an annual rate upon subscription for all active (green/grey icon) devices at the time of subscription. As you pay up front for these devices, you will not be refunded if the devices become inactive during the course of the year as you are committing to use that device for the year. 

However, if you remove a device and add a new one, you will not be billed for an extra annual plan as you have maintained your device count.

If you add more devices after your subscription date, you will be billed for those devices at a pro-rated rate. For example, if you are on the Annual Plus Plan and you add a new device exactly 6 months from your original subscription date, you will be billed $210 USD for that device rather than the annual rate of $420 for a device. This is to ensure all device licenses expire and renew at the same subscription date each year.

☝️If you have any further questions about billing, please contact our support team via the blue chat icon, or at

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