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How to use the Vimeo App to stream video content on your displays

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TelemetryTV's Vimeo App allows you to add video content from Vimeo to your playlists in just a few clicks.

To set up the Vimeo App:

1. You can either create a Vimeo App directly from your playlist using the panel on the right, or by going to the "Playlists" section and clicking "Create". Search for Vimeo to quickly locate the app.

2. Enter the Vimeo URL into the URL field, then click "Create" to finish your Vimeo App.

Please note: Your video's URL must be accessible via a public URL. If it is configured as an unlisted video accessible only with a private link, the video will trigger an error in TelemetryTV: "Vimeo Video ID Not Found".

You may choose to mute the video or turn on captions (if applicable).

That's it! Now that you know how to create a Vimeo App, you're ready to add your videos to your playlist and start broadcasting them to your audience with TelemetryTV.

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