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All content (Media and Apps) that are in playlists can either be shared or hidden. This distinction determines where in your account that content lives, and how it is updated.

In this article, you will learn:

  • The difference between shared and hidden content

  • How to share or hide content

  • The purpose of shared and hidden content

Here's a quick TL;DR comparison before we jump in:

Shared Content

  • Can be organized in folders

  • When edited in one place, is updated in all instances

  • When removed from a playlist page, still exists in its content folder and can be accessed again

Hidden Content

  • Exists only on its playlist page

  • When removed from a page, is deleted from account

The purpose of these different content types is to help keep your account's folders tidy and only filled with relevant content that needs to be saved or will be applied to multiple playlists/pages.

Shared Content

Shared content (Media and Apps) is a type of content that is shared across all playlists in TelemetryTV. Content that is Shared is organized into your Apps/Media folders. Any time a piece of Shared content is updated, the changes will apply to that content across your account. For example, If you update the text on a Shared Notice App that is on 3 different Playlists, the text will change across all 3 playlists. 

When building a playlist page, you can access your Shared Media or Shared Apps folders from the right hand side of the page.

Sharing Apps

If you've created an App (How do I create Apps?) from the App tab on the left-hand menu, it is shared by default

Once added to a playlist, You can toggle the shared status of Apps from the right of the page preview.

Once the App is shared, you can add this App to any playlist by using the Shared button from the App creation page:

If you create the app from within the playlist editor, these Apps are hidden by default. To share them, you must toggle the share switch on the top right of the playlist editor:

Sharing Media

Just like Apps, Media is automatically shared when it is added within the "Shared Content" tab on the left-side TelemetryTV dashboard:
(How do I add Media?)

Once the media has been created in the "Shared Content" tab simply create a page in your playlist to add the created media, using the shared media button:

If Media is created within the playlist editor itself, it is hidden by default. It cannot be shared if it is created from within the playlist editor.

Sharing Canva Content

Sharing Canva content is similar to sharing App content. (What is Canva content?) If the Canva content is created in the "Shared Content" tab, it is automatically shared. It cannot be hidden if it is created from the "Shared Content" tab. If the Canva content is created in the playlist editor, it is hidden by default but can be shared using the share toggle on the right side of the screen:

Hidden Content

Hidden Content is any content (Media/Apps/Canva) that has been created directly on the Playlist Page and not marked as Shared. This content will only exist on its playlist page, and will be deleted from the account upon removal from the page, helping you keep your content folders nice and organized. 

We recommend leaving one-time use apps/media as Hidden so you do not need to remember to delete them from your folders later on.

The Purpose of Shared and Hidden Content

Shared content allows you to use a single piece of content (media or app) across multiple different playlists and pages. It is designed specifically for content that has applicability to several different playlists and pages.

Hidden content is best used for content which you only need to use once, in a single playlist. The benefit of making specific content hidden is to prevent it from cluttering your shared content folder, so that it does not become confused with the content that has wider applicability across many different playlists.

How does duplicating a playlist impact your "Shared Content"?

When you go to duplicate a playlist you have 2 options:

1. Toggle off (default) for "Copy Shared Contents"- Uses or clones existing shared content. Edits will affect all other playlists.

2. Toggle on (as shown below) for "Copy Shared Contents"- This will make a new copy of all shared content in this playlist, so that future edits will not affect other playlists containing the same contents.

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