Windows Deployment Guide

A step-by-step guide for setting up TelemetryTV on Windows

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TelemetryTV supports both Windows 10 and Windows 11 for deployments of digital signage.

Note that you may want to consider using TelemetryOS instead of Windows, there's a ton of optimization and features that make TelemetryOS the ideal platform for digital signage and will be less expensive to operate, more secure and higher performance than Windows.


  • Windows 10 latest patched build & Microsoft Edge

  • Windows 11 latest patched build & Microsoft Edge

Note that Windows Home is not supported.

Media Player AppInstaller

To get started please download the latest version of our Windows Media Player here:

Note that this is an Appinstaller file that will check for updates each time the app is run. It will install the app if there's an update found.

To use this and get updates you must ensure that your installation of Windows can use appinstaller files. We do not support Windows versions that have been restricted or blocked from using appinstallers. If your organization has done this then you may use our Progressive Web Application running in Windows Kiosk mode or better you can deploy on TelemetryOS and avoid these issues altogether.

You would then setup windows to automatically log in to an account and setup the TelemetryTV Player app as a startup app under Windows Settings -> Apps -> Startup.

Advanced Windows Configuration Options, MDMs, etc

There are many ways to configure applications on Windows. More advanced users can following the guide from Microsoft on setting up a single app kiosk. We cannot provide support for this method.

Note that you will be responsible for updating the app as it changes. If you do not update the app it may break in the future.

Advanced Windows 10/11 Information

Video Walls

In order to deploy a video wall on Windows 10/11 with TelemetryTV you'll need to ensure that you have hardware and drivers that support combining all the displays in to a single display. We have tested TelemetryTV with AMD's Eyefinity and Intel's Collage drivers and suggest them as the best solutions for deploying a video wall. 

More on video walls here.

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