Checkly API Monitoring

Staying Up-to-Date with TelemetryTV's Service Status

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In this article, we'll discuss:

  • What Checkly is

  • How to use Checkly to keep informed of TelemetryTV's service status

  • How it improves TelemetryTV

What is Checkly?

Checkly is a web-based service that tracks the functional status of TelemetryTV's services. TelemetryTV's Checkly diagnostics can be accessed at any time:

At most times, TelemetryTV's services are up and running normally, and hence will show green checkmarks and "passing" status, as seen in the following screenshot:

You can also see statistics for TelemetryTV's up-status for different periods (24H, 7D).

  • APP - refers to the accessibility of the TelemetryTV app

  • Boards - refers to an internal system used by TelemetryTV's development team

  • CDN - Content Delivery Network. Refers to TelemetryTV's media integration feature (i.e., media playback functionality in playlists and apps)

  • Player - refers to the TelemetryTV browser player

  • Stream - refers to an internal system used by TelemetryTV's development team

How Does Checkly Help?

You can access Checkly at any time to verify if one of TelemetryTV's services is down. This might be useful in determining whether you are having a problem connecting to TelemetryTV, or if the problem is actually on TelemetryTV's side and requires attention from our technical team.

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