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Using the Button App to create an Interactive kiosk experience

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The Button App is an interactive app designed for touch screen kiosk deployments. It allows you to create pages for your audience to tap through to access other content.

With the Button App, you can now program Apps or Media as the target of various buttons on a page, allowing playlist pages to serve as a "hub" to access this content by pressing the buttons.

In this article, you'll learn:

  • How to create a button app

  • How to customize your buttons

  • How to target your buttons to different Apps and Media

  • How to set a timeout on the target content

  • Examples of use cases for the Button App

Creating a Button App

Adding a Button App is the same as adding any other App - simply select it either from the playlist editor when in the Playlists tab, or create it within the Apps tab to add it to a Shared folder.

Configuring the Button App

In the Properties menu, you can configure the text that will be displayed on the button, the colour of that text, and the button's background colour.

Most importantly, you must select an interactive target for the button. The interactive target is what you want people to see after they click on the button. You can choose from two broad categories of content: Media or Apps.

If you select Apps, you will be asked to choose which App you would like to add - you can choose any App to be the target of a button - except for another Button App of course!

Check out this example where we have created a button targeting a weather app:

You can add multiple buttons to a single Button App, by clicking "Add Button." You are able to add up to 6 buttons to a Button App.

Additional buttons are added beside existing ones. You can change the alignment of buttons on the page using the Alignment tools below the background options.

Note: by default, all backgrounds have a black overlay that makes text more prominent. Turning this off will make the background more prominent, potentially at the expense of text readability.

Closing the Target App

Once you've clicked a button to display the target content, there are two ways you can configure that displayed content to close. By default, you can close the target app by clicking an 'X' in the top right corner. However, if you want to exit out of the target app without having to interact with it, you can toggle the "Automatically Close Content" switch, which will close the target app after a custom time limit (configured in the "Timeout After" space labelled below). If this is not set, the kiosk will display the target content until the viewer taps the 'X'.


Below are a couple examples of how you can format the Button App alongside other content using Playlist Zones.

Here, we have added a Button App on the right alongside contact info and the weather to allow users to click through to other content:

Here, we have added a single button below some other media. The viewer can click through to access other content, such as a reservation booking website:

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