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Configure TelemetryTV to Display Different Languages

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With our language localization settings, TelemetryTV can display content on your digital signage screens in different languages, including French, German and Japanese.

With these language options, you can change the language of your digital signs so that you can create compelling digital signage for more linguistically diverse audiences.

These settings will apply to different Apps that normally apply English words. For example, the Events App will display "Monday" in a different language when Language Localization is applied.

These settings will also apply to our error screens that show important information on your devices when there is a device error.

☝️Please note: Localization will not update the language used across the TelemetryTV web application where you edit your content. All communications and documentation viewed by you and your account's team members will still remain in English at this time.

Supported Languages:

  • German

  • French

  • Chinese (Simplified) 

  • Swedish

  • Russian

  • Danish

  • Spanish

  • Italian

  • Portuguese

  • Japanese

  • Dutch

🚨Important note: We encourage your support in helping to make this feature better! TelemetryTV's language localization feature depends on machine-generated translations which may not always choose the correct words for each concept. If you have suggestions/corrections, please let our team know by reaching out via live chat or at

Two Levels of Language Localization

TelemetryTV's language options can be configured at two levels for added control and usability. 

Account Level

The first level is the Account level. If you change your language settings at this level, all devices associated with your account will display content in the selected language.

To do this, simply:

  1. Navigate to "Settings" from the left-hand toolbar.

  2. Click "Localization" from the settings menu.

  3. Choose your desired language.

Changes made to the language settings at the account level require the devices to be restarted before they take effect.

Device Level

Alternatively, you can change the language settings from the Devices menu. This is especially useful if you have devices in different locations where your audience may speak a different language. When the language is changed from this level, only the content on the device will have any language changes applied to them.

To do this, simply: 

  1. Navigate to "Devices" from the left-hand toolbar.

  2. Select the device to which you wish to make changes.

  3. Under the device's "Details" tab, locate the "Language" drop-down, and select your language of choice.

If you make changes to the language settings at the Devices level, those changes are updated instantly on that device.

Please remember that when previewing content in a playlist while editing, it will display the language set on the account level.

Priority between Levels

Language localization at the Devices level takes precedence over language localization set at the Account level.

This means that if the account language is set to French, but the device language is set to German, the device's content will play in German. However, in the absence of device level settings, the content will display the account's language.

Default Language

The default language of the TelemetryTV app is English. If you do not set a language localization at the Profile or Devices level, all playlist content will be displayed in English.

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