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Learn how to use TelemetryTV's interactive settings for touch kiosks

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TelemetryTV's Interactivity features allow you to configure a playlist for display on a touchscreen device and customize the way viewers can interact with your content.

In order to make use of these options, you must have one of the following: 

  1. a touchscreen device that can double as a display (such as an Android tablet or Chromebase)

  2. a touchscreen display with a compatible device attached (e.g. a touchscreen monitor with an AndroidTV box like the Ugoos X3 PRO)

Note: Any TelemetryTV-compatible hardware connected to a touchscreen display can use our interactivity features, so long as the device is able to receive touch commands.

In this article, you'll learn about the following Kiosk Interaction features:

  • Tap to show Default Page

  • Tap to Pause Playlist

  • Swipe to Change Pages

  • Swipe to move through Media slideshow

  • Button App

Kiosk Interaction

Kiosk Interaction settings are enabled at a playlist level. Navigate to Playlists from the left-hand toolbar.

Then, navigate to the "Configuration" tab where you'll see the Kiosk Interaction settings:

Once you've entered the Kiosk Interaction Panel, there are several different customization options available:

Tap Interaction

Tap Interaction allows you to choose the effect tapping has on the playlist. There are two options: Show Default Page, or Pause Playlist.

Show Default Page: When the screen is touched, the playlist will stop cycling and will show the Default Page. Learn how to set the Default Page.

This feature is especially useful if you want to display a playlist that cycles through content almost like a screensaver, and then have it switch to an important page when someone taps the screen. For example, you might tap the page to view a building directory or a website where the viewer can view more information.

Pause Playlist: When the screen is touched, the playlist pauses on that page for the amount of time specified in the "Interaction Timeout" setting. 

Interaction Timeout 

The interaction timeout setting specifies the amount of time the page will remain on screen after a period of no interaction with the Default Page. If the Pause Playlist setting is chosen, the interaction timeout specifies how long the playlist remains paused for:

Swipe to Change Pages

Finally, you can toggle "Swipe to Change Pages" on or off. When enabled, this will allow viewers to swipe left or right on the touchscreen to cycle through playlist pages forwards or backwards, respectively. Both tap interaction and swiping can be enabled at the same time.

Media Zone Swiping

If you have a playlist page that has media arranged in a slideshow within the page or within a zone on a page, TelemetryTV's interactivity allows you to swipe through media on a touchscreen display as if it were a photo app on a smartphone. 

Once displayed to a supported touchscreen, the user can swipe through the media on the playlist as an interactive slideshow.

If the playlist page has different zones, each with a different slideshow displayed, the user can swipe through each zone on the touchscreen display as its own individual slideshow. For example, if a playlist page had zones A, B, and C, each with media slideshows, a user could swipe through the media of the slideshow in zone A without affecting the slideshows of zones B and C.

This media zone interactivity is automatically applied to any playlist page featuring a media slideshow that is projected onto a TelemetryTV-compatible touchscreen display. There are no configuration settings that need to be changed, nor can this feature be disabled.

Note: if a user does not interact with the media slideshow, the slideshow will progress normally according to the transition interval set in the playlist page's configuration. More information about how to create slideshows within playlist pages can be found here.

Button App

TelemetryTV offers an interactive app called the Button App which allows you to set buttons for a viewer to tap that will send them to a piece of target content. Learn about the Button App here.

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