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Change Log January 2020
Change Log January 2020

A summary of updates made in TelemetryTV's January 2020 release

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At the end of January, we released a collection of brand new features within TelemetryTV. In this article, we'll summarize the 5 new features that will help you take your digital signage to the next level!

  1. Interactivity Settings for touch screen displays

  2. The Button App for touch screen displays

  3. Language Localization

  4. Ad Campaigns Tracking

  5. The HTML App

#1: Interactivity Settings

TelemetryTV supports a range of new interactivity settings when playlists are displayed on touchscreens. As long as your signage is deployed on a touch enabled device, viewers can now swipe to advance images, touch to pause a playlist, and touch to return to a default page. These new features can be configured from the Kiosk Interaction menu in the Playlist Configuration tab.

#2: The Button App

With the new Button App, you can create interactive touch screen kiosk displays that respond at the touch of a button! You can configure a playlist page with a selection of buttons that open to any Apps or Media you've created. This allows you to create an engaging experience for your audience where they are in control of the content they want to view.

For example, set your interactive buttons to open a Weather App, a YouTube Video, or even your own webpage for the viewer to read.

#3: Language Localization

TelemetryTV now offers language selection for your displays. This feature allows you to set your preferred language at the device and/or the playlist level, giving you control over the language in which your content is displayed.

Some of the languages offered include:

Chinese (simplified)
...And more!

#4: Ad Campaigns

Do you use TelemetryTV to display digital ads? TelemetryTV's new Ad Campaigns feature allows you to view information about how and when your advertisement pages are displayed across different displays and devices.

Using Ad Campaigns, you can get real-time information about the display duration, display location and total playbacks of your advertisements in a single informative dashboard or a detailed .csv file to send to your clients.

☝️Please note: Ad Campaigns is a feature on the Enhanced Plan and will not be accessible on a Starter or Essential Plan.

#5: HTML App

The new HTML App allows you to take even more control of how your digital signage content looks. Using your own custom HTML or JavaScript, you can simply and directly customize the format your signage. If you're a coder that craves extra customization and freedom, check out the HTML App in our app library today.


Have feedback or questions for the team? Feel free to reach out using the blue chat icon, or by emailing

Happy broadcasting!

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