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Opening TelemetryTV on your Firewall
Opening TelemetryTV on your Firewall

Ensuring your firewall and anti-virus software give access to TelemetryTV

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TelemetryTV's cloud-based server IP addresses are all dynamic. We do not use static IP addresses. We do not recommend outbound firewalling since TelemetryTV uses a fair bit of sources depending on the content in your playlist. This can change over time as we add new capabilities to TelemetryTV.

If you must firewall outbound connectivity, you must monitor blocking and return to this page occasionally to ensure proper connectivity.

To open TelemetryTV on your firewall, you will need TCP port 443 for basic operations:

Then you may open the following port 443 URLs if you are using any of the Google apps (note that this is likely an incomplete list, Google may change without notice):

You will also need to open any URL you use in website apps.

For TelemetryOS, you'll need to ensure that the following URLs are available:

Also, TelemetryOS will need standard internet services like DNS, NTP, etc.

*Do not block Network Time Protocol (NTP) outbound; blocking this could result in a restart issue with your media player. The DHCP server can configure NTP. There is also the option to manually configure NTP server(s) within TelemetryOS.

☝️Please note: TelemetryTV does not support locking down to specific IP addresses or ranges of IPs as we use cloud services and Content Delivery Networks that prohibit this. Also be aware that we may introduce new hostnames from time to time as we add functionality.

Anti-Virus Software

Ensure your anti-virus software is configured to allow connections from the Desktop/Player applications to the above URLs.


TelemetryTV makes an HTTPS connection and then upgrades to a WebSocket to stream continuous data.

If you are using an advanced proxy tool and still have issues after opening your Port 443 to https://*, you may need to ensure that websockets are allowed on your network as well. This may appear as a 400 error with the error message "Error during WebSocket handshake". It may show up as a different error code as well.

Make sure that any proxy that you have does not timeout or disconnect active web sockets, otherwise you may see disconnects on the player side. We do not recommend proxying the web sockets connection due to this issue.

To resolve this, check to ensure your proxy allows the use of web sockets, and open your TCP Port 443 to wss://* and https://*

Please note that due to the endless complexities of network configurations that are out of TelemetryTV's control, TelemetryTV does not include troubleshooting these issues as part of the core support plan.

For issues that are not covered by TTV but require immediate attention, TTV will charge $200 USD/hour for support or configuration services as a professional services engagement upon request. For help, use the live chat button in the bottom right of your account screen to be connected to support.

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