In order to open TelemetryTV on your firewall, you will need to:

☝️Please note: TelemetryTV does not support locking down to specific IP addresses or ranges of IPs as we use Content Delivery Networks that prohibit this.

Anti-Virus Software

Make sure your anti-virus software is configured to allow connections from the Desktop/Player applications to any https://* servers.


TelemetryTV makes an HTTPS connection and then upgrades to a websocket to stream continuous data.

If you are using an advanced proxy tool and are still having issues after opening your Port 443 to https://*, you may need to ensure that websockets are allowed on your network as well. This may appear as a 400 error with the error message "Error during websocket handshake". It may show up as a different error code as well.

To resolve this, check to ensure your proxy allows the use of websockets, and open your TCP Port 443 to wss://* as well as https://*

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