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Do you use TelemetryTV to display digital ads?

TelemetryTV's Ad Campaigns feature allows you to view information about how and when your advertisement pages or a specific piece of media are displayed across different displays and devices.

Using Ad Campaigns, you can get real-time information about the display duration, display location and total playbacks of your advertisements in a single informative dashboard or a detailed .csv file to send to your clients.

☝️Please note: Ad Campaigns is a feature on the Standard Plan and above and will not be accessible on the Starter Plan.

In this article, you'll learn how to:

  • Create Ad Campaigns

  • Add Pages to an Ad Campaigns

  • Interpret the Ad Campaign interface

  • Export Ad Campaign Metrics in a .csv file

Creating Ad Campaigns

To start, select the Ad Campaigns icon from the left-hand toolbar:

After clicking, you'll be taken to the Ad Campaign dashboard. From here you can create a new dashboard by clicking Create and then creating a Campaign tag. The Campaign tag will be the display name for that particular Ad Campaign:

Note: You can create multiple Ad Campaigns. Ad Campaigns will be listed on the left-hand panel of the Ad Campaign dashboard.

Adding Pages to an Ad Campaign

Once you've given your Ad Campaign a tag, its time to add pages to it. This is done by navigating to the Playlist editor, which can be accessed by clicking the Playlist icon from the always-visible left-hand toolbar: 

Back in the Playlist editor, add the pages you wish to include in your Ad Campaign by selecting the target page, clicking the Ad icon at the top of the page settings, and selecting the Ad Campaign to which you'd like to add it:

Note: You can add as many pages from the same playlist to the same Ad Campaign as you'd like. 

If you want to track a single piece of media, toggle on "One at a Time". When you upload a media folder to a page you have the option to toggle on "One at a Time". When this feature is toggled on, one image/video will be displayed and then the playlist will advance to the next page (instead of playing all the media in the folder). Page duration is also removed when this feature is on and you have the ability to track the name of the media file that plays within a single playlist page.

 Ad Campaign Metrics

You can access the metrics for an Ad Campaign at any time by clicking the Ad Campaign icon in the left-hand toolbar:

The metrics page presents a variety of useful information about the pages included in your Ad Campaign. These include how long the page was displayed for, on which device/screen it was displayed, and the timestamp for each instance of its display:

Starting with the header at the top of the Metrics page, four icons give global information about the selected Ad Campaign:

From left to right, these describe:

  • The period associated with the metrics being displayed

  • The total number of playbacks of Campaign-related pages (eye icon)

  • The total number of devices involved in the Campaign (screen icon)

  • The total time elapsed displaying Campaign-related pages (calendar icon)

Below the header are the bulk of the Ad Campaign metrics, giving specific data for each Campaign-related page that's displayed. From left to right, the recorded information is as follows:

  • Timestamp- This will show the devices system time. So if the device location is in GMT +2 (timezone) geographically but has GMT +8 (timezone) set on settings, the player will record GMT +8 (timezone) time.

  • Device

  • Location (of the device)

  • Page name

  • Playlist (to which the displayed page belongs)

  • Duration (measured in seconds)

Exporting a .csv file

The data displayed in the Ad Campaign Metrics dashboard, including additional data, can be exported as a .csv file by clicking the Export CSV button in the top-right corner of the Ad Campaign Metrics dashboard:

Additional information included in the .csv file are:

  • Timestamp of log entry (time of playback data capture)

  • Start and end timestamps of page playback

  • Event type (usually playback)

🚨Ad Campaign data is stored for 3 months within your account. We suggest exporting and saving your campaign data at the end of each month.

Note- You only have the option to "Export CSV" for the previous month(s).

Example: If you are within the calendar month May, and you want to "Export CSV" for the month of May, you will have to wait until June. If you have May selected, you will NOT see the button "Export CSV".

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