With our Icon Customization Features, you can rebrand your TelemetryTV account with your organization's logo.

Any custom logo will apply for all users associated with your account.

Please note: if you've linked your TelemetryTV account with a Gmail account, you will not be able to customize your icon - it will be the first initial associated with your Gmail account, similar to other applications linked to your Gmail account.

  • First, navigate to the Settings tab on the lefthand toolbar by clicking on the gear icon:

  • Next, click the Logo and Icon tab.

  • Then, scroll down to the Icon panel, and select Custom Icon. This will reveal an Upload Icon button:

You'll need to select a file that will serve as your icon. You can choose it either from your computer's storage, or instead from TelemetryTV's Media Repository. As the guidelines in the screenshot above suggest, for best results your icon should be a PNG with a transparent background and have a dimension of 72x72. Then hit Save.

Finally, you'll need to refresh the app in order for the changes you've made to your icon to take effect.

Once you've done this, your new icon will be displayed at the top of the lefthand toolbar, in place of the default TelemetryTV logo:

Please note: If you use "Login with Gmail" to access your TelemetryTV account, your icon will reflect your Gmail icon and will not display your custom icon.

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