TelemetryTV's Software Development Kit (SDK) allows you to create custom content with your own custom code written in HTML, Javascript and CSS. This feature allows you the freedom to deploy almost anything you want on your digital signage displays if your desired outcome is not supported by one of our native apps or features.

In this article, you'll learn about the two methods within our platform where you can leverage TelemetryTV's SDK:

  1. HTML App

  2. HTML Overlay

Are you a developer? Click here for our technical documentation on using HTML Apps & Overlays.


Our HTML App allows you to input custom code to create custom content. Like the other apps in our app library, the HTML App can be deployed as its own playlist page, or as an app within a playlist zone.

To get started, simply search our App library for "HTML" and select the app. In the "Properties" section, enter your custom code and click create:

Once your app is created, you can add it to a playlist the same as you would any other app.

HTML Overlay

The second method you can use to deploy custom code is the HTML Overlay. This method applies a custom overlay template on an entire playlist.

For example, you could deploy an interactive menu overlay on a playlist, or add a Spotify playback as a soundtrack to your playlist using the HTML Overlay feature.

To create an HTML Overlay:

  • Open your Playlist

  • Click the Overlays tab

  • Toggle on "Show HTML Overlay", and enter your code!

Use Cases

Still not sure how the HTML App / Overlays can be used? Here's a few possible use cases to help you get creative.

  • Add a Spotify playback of music to a playlist.

  • Create custom overlay templates.

  • Have custom kiosk functionality that controls the playlist, such as an interactive menu overlay.

  • Create reactive content that reacts to the device, page or playlist properties or geographic coordinates.

  • Create completely custom visualization and zone content to do whatever you want. If we don't have it, no problem. Just paste in some HTML, Javascript and CSS.

  • Embed an iFrame of your web application

The character limit for the HTML App / Overlay is 500,000 characters.

Ready to get started? Check out our technical documentation for more info.

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