Caching your Website App Content

Tips on how TelemetryTV caches your content and how you can setup cacheing on your Website App

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Does TelemetryTV Support Website App Caching?

Although the TelemetryTV Media Player offers caching and cache clearing for playlist content to ensure consistent speed and reliability of content streamed over possibly variable conditions of network connectivity, we do not offer a specifically configurable caching within the app. If you are looking to establish finely tuned caching for a Website App we would advise implementing a service worker on your website to achieve this consequently.

In order to get fine grained control over website caching for images, javascript and CSS you can use a tool such as Workbox.

Alternatively you should look at our HTML App as it will use our native caching and will work offline.

Can I clear my cache within TelemetryTV?

Although it is possible to manually clear the cache within the media player, you should not have to do this very often. If you find that your website content is not being properly updated in the app, we advise impending a service worker and configure it such that the cache is being emptied in an appropriate fashion for fast and reliable content loading.

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