Integrating with IoT Devices

How to integrate things like cameras, motion sensors and other physical devices to trigger playlist changes and overrides

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Sometimes you want to integrate real world events and cause the screen on your TelemetryTV device to change. Perhaps you want to watch for motion in front of your display and trigger an override to show an advertisement to someone nearby the display. Or show different things based on the temperature. Or any infinite number of possibilities when integrating into the real world.

TelemetryTV supports this using integration with existing systems that are able to connect to IoT devices, process events, and conditionally trigger a webhook call out to the TelemetryTV API.

You can use any number of systems, but in this example we'll use the excellent open-source project called Home Assistant.

Downloading And Installing Home Assistant

Follow the Home Assistant Getting Started Guide. This will guide you through acquiring some hardware and installing the software. For integrating with motion sensors and other similar devices you'll probably need a Zigbee or ZWave USB stick like the Nortek GoControl USB Stick which you can find on Amazon.

Once you have setup Home Assistant you'll want to create Automations that watch for changes in devices such as motion detection and then trigger an outbound webservices call.

Triggering a REST command

Once you've setup your devices and have an automation you'll need to follow the REST command guide on Home Assistant.

Make sure your REST call conforms to the TelemetryTV API interface standards. You can find a guide on how to setup webhooks in TelemetryTV on our API Documenation site.

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