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Streaming RTSP/RTMP Video to your Playlist
Streaming RTSP/RTMP Video to your Playlist

Embed video from your webcam or security camera on to digital signage

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Embedding security camera footage is a common task for digital signage. However there's an issue as TelemetryTV uses web based technologies while security cameras typically stream in the RTSP format which is not compatible with the web.

The solution is to use a piece of software or service in the middle that can convert the RTSP video stream from your camera to something that can be embedded in a browser.

There's many such solutions and services available on the market and you're free to find your own (you can use our HTML app to display arbitrary HTML code for your custom solution). All solutions require something in the middle. In this article we'll cover using a simple solution called 'Restreamer'.

Install And Configure Restreamer

Follow the instructions on the project's website for how to install Restreamer on a computer near your video cameras:

Get the Embed URL

You'll need an embed URL for your video stream. This will be inside the embed HTML snippet as the source of the iframe. You will need to follow the instructions on Restreamer on how to get an embed HTML snippet.

Just copy the iframe src from the HTML snippet to get the embed URL. For instance if your HTML snippet looks like:

<iframe src="http://123.245.789.123:8080/player.html" ...></iframe>

You'll just want to copy to get:


Please note that this will be HTTP only (insecure) and by default will only work in some of our players (not the browser). To embed content in the browser and in some players you'll need to ensure the stream is served up over HTTPS (secure) by enabling HTTPS as per the Restreamer instructions on HTTPS. Alternatively you could stream to YouTube Live as per the instructions below and embed the YouTube app.

Create a new Website App

Create a new Website App and use the URL from the Restreamer embed. You should now be able to place this app within your Playlist Pages.

Making This Available Anywhere on the Internet

The above URL will only be available locally to your TelemetryTV devices on the same network (or if you allow the Restreamer to be accessed through your firewall then you could make it available to the Internet).

One easy way to deal with global access and HTTPS is to stream to YouTube from Restreamer and use a TelemetryTV YouTube App to view your camera feed instead.

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