Downloading the TelemetryTV Android APK

How to Sideload the TelemetryTV Android APK to your Device

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🛑 Wait! This is an advanced method of downloading the Android App for specialized deployments. Please consult our Android Deployment Guide for the recommended method of downloading TelemetryTV onto your AndroidTV device.

Android Updater APK

Using the TelemetryTV updater APK you can download our Android App directly to your device. This allows you to bypass the Google Play Store and receive automatic app updates. This can be beneficial if you wish to sideload the app directly to your devices and would like to be able to receive automatic updates.

This can be done by using an MDM system or by sideloading the APK to directly your device using a tool called Android Debugger Bridge (ADB).

☝️ Please note your Android device will need to be rooted in order for the updater app to work!

The Updater App

Visit the link below and click Download to get the APK directly to your Device.

Once downloaded, simply launch the updater app and wait for the subsequent download of our latest Android TelemetryTV Media Player app which should receive automatic updates thereafter.

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