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Using tag filtering to customize content on devices.

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Tag Filtering will allow you to create playlists, while limiting certain pages to certain devices, based on the tags that you have used. The same tag filtering feature can also be used to sort your media.

Tagging Playlists

Let's start off by looking at how we can use Tag Filtering within playlists that you have already created.

Select a page from an existing playlist. Click on the "Setting" icon and you will then see a dropdown menu. Turn on the "Tag Filtering" toggle.

As you can see, there are two categories, "Require Tags" and "Ignore Tags". If you use a tag word in "Ignore Tag" and the same tag word is used to tag a device, that device will NOT play the content. And then if you use a tag word in "Require Tags" and the same tag word is used to tag a device, only devices with that tag word will play the content.

As an example, if I have “Ford”, as an ignore tag, any device tagged with "Ford" will NOT play this content. If I have "VW" as a required tag, only devices tagged with "VW" will be able to display the page.

Tagging Devices

If you navigate to your "Devices" page. Click on a device and on the right side of the screen, you can access "Settings".

Scroll down and you will have the option here to add tags.

Tagging Provisioned Devices

You can also tag devices when they are provisioned, From the Settings menu on the left column select Provisioning Tokens and click on Add Provisioning.

Here you can add tags to the tag field when provisioning devices. All devices provisioned with tokens have these tags applied by default.

To tag multiple devices at once, enter your new tag into the tag field and select "Copy".

Multiselect (ctrl/cmd+shift) and click "Paste". All your selected devices will then have your new tag assigned.

Tagging Media

You can tag each individual media file and require at least one tag to match a device in order to play that piece of media.

To tag your media go to "Shared Content". Select "Media" and the folder that contains the media at the top of the page. Click on the selected individual piece of media and the add your tag word on the right side of the screen in the "Tags" field.

The "Tags" field will appear under the "Details" tab.

Now if you go back to "Playlists" and select a media folder that is already in a playlist you will find the "Match Device Tags" toggle on the right side of the screen.

When the "Match Device Tags" toggle is turned "on" (as shown below), only media with tags matching at least one of the device tags will be displayed. If a device is not tagged, no media will be displayed.

Tag Icons

TelemetryTV has introduced a new feature that enhances the visibility and organization of playlists. With the addition of tag icons on playlist page thumbnails, users can easily identify and distinguish pages that have associated tagging rules applied. This feature provides a quick visual reference, allowing users to identify tagged pages at a glance. As depicted below, this also applies to pages with scheduling rules.

How it Works

When you navigate to the playlist page, you will notice a tag icon displayed on the thumbnails of pages that have tagging rules applied. This icon serves as a visual indicator to highlight the presence of tags on those specific pages.

The tag icons on playlist page thumbnails offer several benefits, including:

  1. Identification of pages with tagging rules: The visual representation of tag icons allows users to quickly identify which pages have tagging rules applied without the need to inspect each page individually.

  2. Saves time: With the ability to identify tagged pages at a glance, users can navigate through playlists more efficiently, reducing the time spent searching for specific content.

You are now set to use "Tag Filtering" to customize how a device interacts with playlists, pages, and media!

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