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How to set up TelemetryTV's InfoBar App

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The InfoBar App allow you to easily display a clock, weather, message(s), an RSS Feed, or even Twitter in a single scrolling zone on your playlist page.

UPDATE April 2023:

Unfortunately, Twitter has made a recent update which limited API access, making it incompatible with TelemetryTV and any other platform. At this time we have removed our Twitter App from the app library until further notice. For more information, please visit this link

InfoBar App in action in the lower left zone

Setting up the InfoBar App:

1. You can either create an InfoBar App directly from your playlist using the panel on the right, or by going to the "Shared Content" section and clicking "Create". Search for "InfoBar" to quickly locate the app.

2. Toggle on "Show Clock" (as shown below) if desired.

3. Toggle on "Show Weather" (as shown below) if desired. You will then need to enter a city in the required field.

4. Set the desired "Transition Interval" (as shown below). This will be the transition between messages and RSS Feeds.

5. Set the desired "Refresh Interval" (as shown below). This is an optional feature to set the interval for updates from an RSS Feed.

6. By default "Enable Messages" is toggled on (as shown below). Toggle off if you do not want to display a message or add a simple message using text. You can even add multiple messages by clicking "add message".

7. By default "Enable RSS Feed" is toggled on (as shown below). Toggle off if you do not want to display an RSS Feed or leave the URL field blank. Fill in the Feed URL field to select the RSS Feed that you would like to use.

8. By default "Enable Twitter" is toggled on (as shown below). Toggle off if you do not want to display Twitter. Once you click "Create" you will then have the opportunity to link Twitter via a button which will redirect you to authenticate your Twitter account.

Please Note: The Twitter App is disabled permanently. To learn more visit this link

9. Choose a "Font". Select a font from the drop-down list. You can even select a colour!

10. Choose a "Background" image. Click the thumbnail under " Default Background" to choose from our background library or upload a custom background.

11. You can also use this (above) toggle to either hide or show the semitransparent box around the screen content.

All set! Click "Create" and your InfoBar App is ready to be displayed.

Examples of InfoBar App usage:

Infobar in the bottom zone

Infobar on the left side zone

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