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Configuring SCIM for TelemetryTV with Okta
Configuring SCIM for TelemetryTV with Okta
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Configuring SCIM for TelemetryTV with Okta

SCIM, or System for Cross-domain Identity Management, is widely used open standard that enables automation of user provisioning. In this article, we will look at how to configure users and groups in TelemetryTV using Okta.

Supported Features:

Create users

Update user attributes

Deactivate users

Import users

Import groups

Sync password

Group push


Enhanced or Enterprise subscription

Preliminary Configuration for the TelemetryTV Application:

  1. In Okta go to Provisioning and then Integration

  1. Once you are here click 'Enable API integration' and then insert your TTV API Token and click save

Configuration Steps

In the same Provisioning menu, go to the 'To App' section check that the following configuration is applied from Okta to your SCIM app to enable creating, updating, synchronizing, and de-activating users as discussed further below.

In order to use this feature, you will first need to have users and groups established in your Okta account.

Please note that the username is assigned as their email as configured in Signon Settings

Importing Users from TelemetryTV

You can import users in TelemetryTV using the Import function in Okta which is located on the top left under Import Now.

First, select your Users on the right side with the check box before clicking on ‘Confirm Assignments’ at the top of the page..

Updating User Profile Details

Okta allows centralized configuration of user details which can by pushed to TelemetryTV.

User profiles can be accessed by going to Assignments:

Selecting the User Application assignment and click on edit icon which will allow you to edit the users details.

Please note that username updates cannot be pushed from Okta to TelemetryTV, only email updates.

Creating and Pushing Groups to TelemetryTV

A prerequisite for pushing groups, like pushing users, will be that you already have established the groups in Okta.

Once this is done, you can go to Push Groups within your Application's Okta admin panel and search by group by name to import to your application.

By Selecting 'Push Groups memberships immediately' the group will automatically by pushed to your TelemetryTV account. Here you can use ‘Find Groups by Name’ to locate your Okta group to be pushed to TelemetryTV. This will allow you to push the selected group from your directory by clicking ‘Save’.

Note: By Selecting 'Push Groups memberships immediately' the group will automatically be pushed to your TelemetryTV account.

Deleting Users groups and Unassigning in TelemetryTV

To remove an entire group from TelemetryTV, you can click on the dropdown menu beside the group and select ‘Unlink pushed group'.

The following modal which prompts the option to delete the Group within TelemetryTV will allow you to do so in the same setting.

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