Applying Daily Reboots in Google Admin

How to Apply Daily reboots to ChromeOS Devices in Google Admin

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Google Admin allows you to set up scheduled device reboots to force ChromeOS devices to reboot daily or after a specified number of days.

This setting can be applied within Google Admin by following this path:

  • Devices > Chrome > Settings > Device Settings

  • Select the OU to which you'd like to apply the setting on the left side.

  • With "Device Settings" selected at the top, scroll down through the settings to the Power and shutdown section.

  • Under Scheduled reboot, enter the number of days you'd like to have between reboots. (i.e. 1 for daily, 2 for every two days)

  • Click Save to apply changes.

☝️ A note from Google on this feature: Allows you to specify the number of days after which a device restarts. Sometimes, the device might not restart at the same time of day or the restart might be postponed until the next time a user signs out. If a session is running, then a grace period of up to 24 hours applies.

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