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Using Firefox Developer Tools to Debug the Android App
Using Firefox Developer Tools to Debug the Android App

Using ADB (Android Debugger Bridge) you can access Developer Tools using Firefox

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TelemetryTV uses the Firefox Geckoview Webview in our Android App which allows users to access developer tools such as the Javascript console and Network tabs

Establishing the ADB connection

1. Install ADB

In order to establish the connection, you will first need to have Android Debugger Bridge installed on your computer.

2. Enable ADB on your Device

You may also need to enable USB / Wifi Debugging on your device. Where this is located varies depending on the version of Android, but can often

3. Connecting to your Device using ADB

Then you will need either a USB (3.2) or Wifi (3.1) connection to establish the ADB connection with the following command(s).

3.1 Wifi

Connect using the local IP address of your Android Device on port 5555 in your Terminal

adb connect

3.2 USB

Connect using the following command in your console terminal with a USB connection

adb usb

Connecting to with Firefox Debugging Tools

4.1 In Firefox open up about:debugging

4.2 Click on Connect beside your device on the Left of the screen.

4.3 Click on Inspect at the TelemetryTV Tab


This will then allow access to the full suite of Firefox's development tools for debugging the TelemetryTV App.

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