In order to install the Android APK, you will need to first root your Android Device as follows:

Rooting your Device

  1. Go to Settings

2. Then Device Preferences

3. Toggle ROOT to on

Downloading the APK

  1. In a browser on the Minix device, visit https// and click on 'Download'. The browser will ask if you want to keep the file. Select OK.

2. Then select Open at the bottom of the screen

3. If using Chrome browser, you'll be asked to configure your browser with permission to install unknown apps. Select Settings

4. Then Select Install

5. Once installed, select Open to run our TelemetryTV Launcher APK.

Downloading the App via TelemetryTV Launcher APK

The TelemetryTV Launcher APK checks for app updates and automatically updates the app in the background without the need for manual intervention on your device.

  1. Wait for the Launcher APK to download the app

2. Once downloaded, the Launcher will automatically launch our Media Player app.

Connecting your Player to your TelemetryTV Account

Once Media Player launches you will be prompted to A) insert a USB to provision the device or B) Pair the device using a code.

A) Provision Device

Please visit our documentation page on provisioning the Android app for further details.

B) Pair Device

To pair the device, go to and insert your pairing code by clicking the blue PAIR button on your device page. Once paired, you'll be able to assign a playlist to your device right away!

☝️ Note: We recommend provisioning the App for deployments of 10+ screens.

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