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By using TelemetryTV Metrics apps, you can use a multitude of data visualization tools to show dynamic data elements. Metrics apps data gets populated from TelemetryTV Metrics which are assigned to your Apps as ‘Metrics Sources’.

Beyond representing static data entries, Metrics apps can also be used to perform various calculations on your streaming real-time data which are called Transformations.

Number Metrics

The Metrics Number app can be used to represent a number taken from your metrics. If you have a series of numeric numbers being piped through your metric, the app can calculate a transformation to represent this data.

By selecting Transformation when creating your app, you can calculate real time information on your data stream or table such as the Current, Average, Sum, Minimum, Maximum, Count. If streaming real-time data you may also calculate the minimum or maximum value for the past 24 hours or ‘all-time’

Metrics Text

The Metrics Text app allows you to represent a text metric stylized as its own app slide.

Metrics LineChart

The Metrics LineChart allows you to plot your data in an X Y axis. Configurable fields include the numeric baseline (set as 0 for lowest point or ‘relative’ for lowest number). There are also some fields to specifically configure Minimum values for the X and Y points individually.

Each Axis may be labelled automatically, given the data content, or given as custom Label as such.

Once the Metric source is set you can then choose the styling of your line charts; Spline, Line, Area, Scatter, Bar, Stacked Bar, Horizontal Bar, Scatter.

Metrics Gauge App

Allows you to display the value of a Number Metric.

When setting the metric source for a Gauge Widget, you have the option of applying a transformation instead of displaying the current value of the metric.

Gauges types include Horizontal and Vertical and allow the option to set a Spike Indicator for setting thresholds to real time data.

Metrics Table App

Allows you to display the value of a Table Metric in rows and columns in a MetricsTable App with custom styling such as line height and pagination.

A large data tables can be split up into slides which transition from page to page according to the transition interval

Metrics Leaderboard App

The Metrics LeaderBoard App allows you to represent a table of values in a leaderboard.

The table can be sorted by time of entry of the metric value for each row in your table.

This app also allows you to choose a custom colours for the stripe and highlight section for each row returned.

Piechart Metrics App

This Metrics App allows you to represent numerous Metric values in the form of a Pie Chart.

While this widget does use Number Metrics, it only supports the Current Value transformation.

Metrics Barchart App

This app allows you to represent the quantitative values of a table metric across a barchart data representation.

The Cart Minimum and Chart Maximum values can be configured in your app to be either static values or dynamic depending on the range fo data in your chart.

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