TelemetryOS ISO Install

How to install the TelemetryOS ISO on your digital signage device.

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Below you will find instructions for installing the ISO file for TelemetryOS onto your device's hard disk.

  1. Get a USB3 flash drive of at least 8GB in size (using USB2 may result in very slow installation)

  2. Download the TelemetryOS ISO to your desktop computer

  3. Burn the ISO file to the USB using BalenaEtcher

  4. Remove the USB drive and Insert it into the computer you’re going to use to display TelemetryTV. It must be AMD64 architecture for now (no ARM support yet)

  5. Upon starting your computer interrupt the boot and select the USB (select partition 1) to boot from. You can press F7 to interrupt the boot on typical devices (this may vary depending on your device).

  6. Wait for the device to boot from the USB drive.

  7. Select Install TelemetryTV Player.

  8. Wait 5-10 mins for Install.

  9. The device will shut down when it’s completed installation.

  10. Turn on your device and wait for it to boot.

  11. Configure the networking (ethernet or wifi).

  12. You’re ready to use the device and pair it with TelemetryTV!

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