TelemetryOS Deployment Guide

How to deploy digital signage using TelemetryOS

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TelemetryOS is a platform created by TelmetryTV to solve a problem for our customers. Our customers have been asking us for a stable, secure and inexpensive platform to run our digital signage application on. There's significant shortcomings of using a general purpose operating system for digital signage. At the same time we dont want to lock customers in to specific hardware, its best to use a generic platform that gives customers the assurance that they can change in the future should they need to.

We decided to base TelemetryTV on Ubuntu 20 LTS for Intel and Raspbian for the Raspberry Pi and modify them to specifically support the TelemetryTV player and remove anything that wasn't needed. Securing the operating system with CIS hardening guidelines makes it a very secure option as well.

To use TelemetryOS you will need to obtain compatible hardware, download the disk image and install it to a USB stick and then install the operating system on the hardware.

Prebuilt Device With TelemetryOS Included

We've partnered with Mele to create a pre-builtdevice with TelemetryOS straight from the factory. If you're looking for a device this is a great place to start.

Build your Own Device

TelemetryOS is based on Ubuntu 20LTS Linux on Intel and Raspbian for the Raspberry Pi so it will have similar compatibility to those systems. It should work on a wide variety of systems and solutions. However we've decided to target specific hardware that we test and certify that TelemetryOS will run on.

Certified Devices

You can see the hardware in our Certified Device List.

Other Devices

You can use in theory any hardware that supports Ubuntu 20 LTS. However you'll need to test it and our ability to support your hardware is limited if you have issues. If you're interested we can offer paid hardware support packages where we test and certify your chosen hardware. Please contact our customer support for more details.

Installing TelemetryOS On Your Own Device

You'll need to follow our install guide which is different based on the architecture of your CPU. We currently support installation on Intel and Raspberry Pi. Please check the install guide.

For Intel systems please use our Intel Install Guide:

For Raspberry Pi 4 systems please use our Raspberry Pi Install Guide:

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