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What makes TelemetryOS Different

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Why TelemetryOS

TelemetryOS was created to provide a platform to run the TelemetryTV Player on. The Player is a Progressive Web Application (PWA) and runs within our Electron based media player.

There's a number of problems with existing platforms mostly around manageability, security and ease of use. At the same time TelemetryTV isn't a hardware company and many customers do not want to adopt proprietary hardware that leads to vendor lock-in. Therefore an operating system that customers could install on compatible computers makes a lot of sense.

Based on Ubuntu

It's impractical for anyone to actually create a new operating system, even more so for a company like TelemetryTV, that is focused on innovation and providing the very best digital signage software on the market. The most common solution in cases like this is to base the OS on an existing Linux distribution. Therefore we decided to based TelemetryOS on the most common Linux distribution and it's latest long term support release: Ubuntu 20 LTS. Ubuntu is a fantastic platform, well known and supported on a wide variety of hardware. Additionally it's easy to customize.

Stripped Down & Customized

The Ubuntu 20 LTS distribution that we're using has been stripped down to only the essential components required for running our media player. There's no superfluous libraries or applications that are not required. There's no desktop environment, nothing for people to remotely connect to. Further, the operating system has been tuned and customized in order to run the best for the needs that our application to run. It makes the device installed on in to an appliance that is purpose built to doing only a single thing and doing it well: run TelemetryTV.

Security Hardened

We've hardened the operating system according to Center For Internet Security guidelines. This makes sure that the operating system is secure and compatible with your organizations security requirements.

Recommended Hardware

We test heavily on a number of platforms that we recommend. When you use our recommended hardware you're assured that you're using a platform that has been tested to work well with TelemetryTV.

Hardware Support Package Available

If you have your own hardware that isn't on our recommended hardware list then we can add it to our list through a certified device program for an annual fee. With this we'll test your hardware with all upcoming releases of TelemetryTV to ensure the best compatibility. Contact customer support for details.

Long Term Support

We anticipate supporting TelemetryOS as long as Ubuntu 20 LTS is supported which is 2030. Security updates and patches should be available through to that date. However, 10 years is a long time in the computing industry and support could change over time however and we will let you know if it does.

Extending TelemetryOS

TelemetryTV is based on Ubuntu so it's widely compatible. However sometimes you'll run in to hardware that doesn't work as expected for whatever reason. If you have particular hardware requirements such as needing a driver or you have hardware that requires tuning or other customization you can contact TelemetryTV support for information regarding a custom hardware support package.

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