TelemetryTV's pre-configured Raspberry Pi 4 device comes ready-to-pair, making it easy to get your digital signs up and running in minutes.

Setting up the device

1. Boot your Raspberry Pi

Turn on your Raspberry Pi and wait for the boot and first time startup process to complete.

2. Setup Networking

It will show the configuration screen. Configure the WiFi or ethernet. We recommend ethernet over WiFi. Ensure that the networking says active before continuing. You may provision at this point or complete in order to pair.

☝️ Please note: If you do not want to use WiFi, plug in an ethernet connection anmd the setup screen will auto-advance to the pairing screen after a 30 second timeout.

3. Pair to your account

Once wifi has been configured, your device will show a 6 digit pairing code. Open your TelemetryTV account on your computer, and enter the pairing code from the devices page.

4. Complete!

Now that your device is paired to your account, it is ready to use!

Returning to Setup Screen

If you need to return to the setup screen at any time you can right click to get the application menu or press ctrl-s on an attached keyboard to show the setup screen.

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