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2.2 Display Management: Devices
MeLE Quieter2 and Quieter3 Start UP Guide
MeLE Quieter2 and Quieter3 Start UP Guide

This start up guide is designed for customers that have ordered the MeLE Quieter2 direct from MeLE with Telemetry OS installed.

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1. Connect the device to your display screen via HDMI cable.

2. Plug the MeLE device into a power source with the enclosed power cable.

3. Connect a keyboard and mouse to your MeLE device via USB.

4. Power on your display screen and the MeLE device. If nothing displays on the screen, ensure you are on the correct input.

5. When you see the device's Settings page, configure WiFi and any other custom settings you wish. If the device is plugged into Ethernet, you can skip this step. You can get back to Settings any time by pressing CTRL+S.

6. When you see the 6-digit pairing code on your screen, you can Pair the device.

7. If you run into any issues, please use our contact form at for assistance.

Happy Broadcasting!

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