Controlling Devices

Managing Device Functions from the TelemetryTV Interface

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In the Devices Tab of the TelemetryTV admin panel, you can control many device functions in real time.

From left to right, these controls are as follows:

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  • Pause/Play

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  • Restart Media Player: The "Restart Media Player" button will only restart Devices running TelemetryOS. For all other operating systems, the "Restart Media Player" will only restart the Telemetry media player app and not the device itself.

  • Identify (Prompts the device to display its name on-screen)

  • Toggle Debug Mode (for troubleshooting)

  • Clear Cache

  • Lock (prevents the device from being deleted): There is also an unlock only option for Administrators of the account. This ensures devices cannot be deleted from your account by other users.

  • Disable

  • Delete

Device volume control is available for TelemetryOS, MacOS and Linux devices and can be found under "Properties" in the "Settings" tab to the right of the device.

Please note: The

🚨 As long as your device is online, these controls will trigger changes as soon as they're clicked in the TelemetryTV admin panel.

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