TelemetryTV Feature Parity by OS

How TelemetryTV Media Player App varies across platforms

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One of TelemetryTV's best features is its platform flexibility. While TelemetryTV offers strong features and performance across all its supported platforms, there are differences between platforms. This article will provide an overview of the differences you can expect when using TelemetryTV on different platforms.

Supported Platforms

Our most compatible and powerful platform is TelemetryOS - it is what we would recommend for most digital signage deployments.

Electron-Based Platforms: Linux, Windows and Mac.

Android and ChromeOS.

Progressive Web Application (PWA): Exists entirely in a browser, addable as a device from the devices tab of your TelemetryTV account.

The fundamental reason for the differences seen on these platforms is the amount of capability the platform provides developers like TelemetryTV. We strive for feature parity as much as possible, and for most things we’re successful, but certain characteristics of operating systems prevent certain features.

Key Limitations by OS


  • No serial port support

  • Limitations in file storage

  • No usb-device provisioning

  • No knowledge of screens on the device

  • Limited device statistics

  • No mixed content

  • SDK limitations

  • No IPTV (Internet Protocol TV) support


  • Missing practical serial port support (Android OS assumes interactivity for users and always prompts for access after a reboot)

  • Missing auto-start on certain variations of OS's

  • Missing multiple screen support

  • Certain restrictions in mixed content in HTML/Web embedded content

  • No IPTV support

  • Unstable environment for 24x7x365 use

  • Security patching for the OS varies widely based on the device

  • General device quality on Android is low


  • Missing mixed content and other restrictions on embedded websites

  • No IPTV support

Electron: Mac, Windows, Linux, TelemetryOS

  • Full feature set

  • MacOS and Windows: not ideal for 24x7x365 use

  • MacOS and Windows: very expensive


TelemetryOS currently is on parity with the electron apps, since it is an electron app itself. However there’s a lot we can bundle with it that makes it easier to use, for instance an optimized FFmpeg for IPTV support.

Another thing that TelemetryOS provides is a full graphical configuration and management interface for things like network connectivity. Because it's our own OS, there also may be TelemetryOS features in the future that will not be possible on other Electron platforms.

Finally, remote management, patching, and updating is all automatic on TelemetryOS, whereas with Mac/Windows/Linux OS these factors will need to be managed by the user.

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