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Using TelemetryTV's Template Feature

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TelemetryTV's Template Feature allows you to impose a single design language across playlists, without the need to duplicate or re-create pages.

Besides being fully customizable, Templates can also be restricted in their editing privileges by account administrators.

Creating a Template

Templates can be created from the Playlists tab. Click on the Playlist Dropdown in the top-left, and select Templates:

This will take you to the Template Editor:

Anything that can be put onto a playlist page can be added to a template and saved. This includes videos, images, zone layouts, and more.

Your template will be saved as it's created.

🚨 Note: When you edit a Template, changes are automatically applied to all pages using that Template.

Applying Templates

To apply you template to a playlist page, simply add a new page to any playlist, and choose the template from the dropdown during initial creation:

Administrator Privileges

If you are the administrator on the account, you will see a padlock icon next to each content element as you create your playlist. You can simply click these padlocks to lock them against changes from other non-admin users.

Here's an example of a template with locked elements:

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