Auto-Advance Media Settings

Understanding the auto-advance setting for media files in your playlist.

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The auto-advance toggle allows you to ensure your playlist cycles to the next page once your media content finished displaying.

When creating a playlist, media can be added to a page by either dragging and dropping or selecting media from Shared Media.

It is possible to have either single or multiple media added to one page and with each of those, there are different options available.

Single Image

When a single image is added to a page the Auto-Advanced to Next Page toggle would not show up on the right side of the screen, the duration of the page would have to be manually adjusted. The Fixed Duration toggle should be turned on for this and the required time should be added. This would allow it automatically move to the next page.

Single Video

When a single video is uploaded to a page, the Auto-Advanced to Next Page toggle would be available to be turned on. If turned on, the video will play for its full duration and the playlist will advance to the next page.

Multiple Media/Media Folder

When multiple media has been added to a page, the Auto-Advance to Next Page toggle is also available. Note that the interval in which the different media would be displayed can also be adjusted. When Auto-Advance to Next Page is turned on, the playlist will play through each media file in the list or folder based on the interval set and will move on to the next page when it reaches the end of the media list.

Duplicate media files in folders

Go to the shared folder and click on the duplicate icon.

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