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Learn how login with Single Sign-On

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There are a few steps required to get set up with SSO. Continue reading to learn how to set up SSO with TelemetryTV.

Creating an IdP account

Get started by creating an IdP account from a platform like Auth0.

After logging in to your account you need to setup your Auth0 account identity provider. The following step by step documentation is provided below:

Manually Configuring Account ID

To manually configure your account identity follow these steps.

When setting the Application Callback URL we need to use the below endpoints for our different environments:

To configure the service provider (TelemetryTV) we will need to some parameters like certificates, issuer and identity provider login url. Below are screenshots showing where we can find these parameters.

First, you will need to add a new user. You can do this via User Management.

After setting up the configuration we will need to create a rule for the Auth0 pipeline. You can create SAML attributes mapped from already existed rules by using templates within Auth0.

  • Here we need to replace “name_id” with “email” in “nameidentifier”

Then, enable the rule before sending the SAML responses to our end.

For local development you might need crt and key files creation. This can be found under: go_accounts/config/test_data

You can make use of these links:

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