Media Transfer Bandwidth

Ensuring smooth content playback across your devices

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What Does Media Transfer Bandwidth Refer To?

Media Transfer Bandwidth (MTB) refers to the amount of content a device can download from TelemetryTV's Content Delivery Network (CDN).

When images or videos are uploaded to TelemetryTV, they're stored in TelemetryTV's CDN. This is a secure network from which your device can access content for display.

How Is Media Transfer Bandwidth Used?

Once content has been uploaded to TelemetryTV and is in the CDN, it is automatically downloaded to your device. Downloading content increases Media Transfer Bandwidth usage.

When content is downloaded, it is cached on the device. Devices only download (and therefore only use MTB) if the content in the CDN is not cached. Media Transfer Bandwidth usage can be kept low by maintaining cached content on the device.

How To Ensure Content is Cached on the Device

Devices vary in terms of how much their disk space is allocated for caching, anywhere from 60-100%.

In order to monitor the performance of a cache on a device you should watch the device’s cache miss rate. This is the percentage of time that the device is forced to download content from the network because it is not in the cache.

You can also enable debug logs on a device - this will provide detailed logs on the usage of the cache.

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