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How To Enable Remote Debugging for TelemetryOS
How To Enable Remote Debugging for TelemetryOS

Enable remote debugging to allow TelemeryTV Support to troubleshoot your TelemetryOS media player device.

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*This remote debugging feature is only supported by TelemeryOS players starting from version 4.1.40

To enable remote debugging

Go to the configure screen in your TOS media player device by using the short key command Crtl+ S on your keyboard.

In the (1) Access tab, turn on the (2) 'enable remote debugging' toggle and then enter the (3) access password (provided by the TTV support team) and wait a few seconds to make sure no error messages are displayed on the screen.

At this point, the TelemetryTV Support team should be able to log into your device and run diagnostics.

When debugging is finished, toggle off to end the debugging session.

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