23.2.x - February 15th, 2023

Major New Features

  1. Added the ability to specify default media for a folder when using media folders and tag matching. Setting the 'non matching fallback' will cause that item to be used when no tags are matching for the media folder.

    Added new logs for non matching of media. (DEV-4340)

Other New Features

  1. Playlist embed mode enhancements. (DEV-4305)

  2. Added Serial Number as a column to the devices table in the admin interface. (DEV-4254)

  3. Added new on screen media player warning icons for device storage being full or non functional. (DEV-4381)


  1. Fixed thumbnail generation for some playlist pages in the playlist view.(DEV-4000)

  2. Fixed some weather app scaling issues.(DEV-4324)

  3. Fixed special characters blocking for setting URLs on some apps.(DEV-4379)

  4. Fixed Android 12 video scaling playback (requires updated Android app).(DEV-4309)

23.1 - January 30th, 2023

Major New Features

  1. Added setting defaults for device. If a device is paired or provisioned it will take these defaults as its settings. This has lower priority than provisioning parameters that overlap. (DEV-4176)

  2. Added the ability to configure a webhook for devices. If set this will send a copy of all device logs, playbacks and campaign views directly to this URL as a POST. This will let you directly process all your events. (DEV-4177)

  3. Partial upgrade of some back-end database drivers. Some fields will appear as NULL instead of empty strings in API responses. This also fixed a bug with handling of device.serial_commands that was allowing for any type of data to be sent (it must be an object). (DEV-3590)

Other New Features

  1. Track total playtimes on a per device basis for the past 30 days per content type. To see this go to a Device -> Info -> Total Play Times (30D) (DEV-4136)

  2. Changed the app.telemetrytv.com preview of a Playlist Page to be a fixed resolution of 1920x1080 (or reverse for portrait) and scaled appropriately so the preview will exactly reflect what a 1080p screen will see. This will allow you to see things such as custom HTML that are not responsive more accurately with what is being shown in the preview. This does not impact custom aspect ratios. (DEV-4298)

  3. Improved notification of play failure handling. Email notifications deprecated, existing email notifications continue to serve. Added option to define time threshold for notifications and made handling more accurate. (DEV-4203)

  4. New version of TelemetryOS install ISO image available. Updated kernel to 5.5*. Improved security for ssh service. (DEV-4300)

  5. When accounts expire show a more user friendly interface for continuing a subscription. Free account plan is deprecated. (DEV-4163)

  6. Allow for changing billing methods from credit card to invoiced. (DEV-3905)

  7. More permissive with URL special character handling in the Webpage App (DEV-4226)

  8. Added an optional back button for the website app also supported in kiosk mode applications. (DEV-4158)

  9. Allowed changing the font size of the clock, quote and weather apps (DEV-4159, DEV-4160, DEV-4106)

  10. Metrics app display improvements. (DEV-4153)

  11. Added Desktop App version to the about screen (DEV-4232)

  12. Allow setting log levels of multiple devices at once (DEV-4219)

  13. Allow for the Clock app to show the device time (rather than a preset time for all devices running the app).(DEV-4256)

  14. Added “Font Outline” feature for text metric app. (DEV-4223)

  15. Improved number metrics handling of Metrics app (DEV-4224)

  16. Prevented screenshots of device screens from growing too large for custom aspect ratios. (DEV-4293)

  17. Buttoon to rerfresh device logs when viewing them. (DEV-4220)


  1. Improved Asset ID handling in TelemetryOS. (DEV-4211)

  2. Improved license change count handling for invoiced plan. (DEV-4089)

  3. Addressed issue in showing playlist page previews incorrectly some times in app.telemetrytv.com (DEV-4110)

  4. Improved sorting of device logs in the Device -> Logs listing. (DEV-4214)

  5. Handle duplicated Canva media improvements. Duplicates transferred to media type. (DEV-4139)

  6. Improved Player handling of Microsoft Edge version updates when running the Player in Microsoft Kiosk mode on Windows. ALSO all URL arguments preserved into run from /provision (DEV-4248)

  7. Improved Playlist Synchronization feature for when the Playlist has a single video. The videos will now all restart at once. (DEV-4269)

  8. Improved UX for page with tag filtering when playlist sync is turned ON (DEV-4268)

  9. Improve cleanup of device storage after device reset. (DEV-4266)

  10. Improved clarity of Events app data display. (DEV-4277)

  11. Error handlling for websites which prohibit iframe embedding.(DEV-4225)

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