Create a BSN Cloud Account and Network.

Start by downloading BrightAuthor and creating a BSN Cloud account and network using Brightsign’s instructions found here:

Your BSN.Cloud user account must have permissions to access to manage Device Setups, Device Provisioning, and the device Network in your Control Cloud Network.

Create a Device Setup in your BrightAuthor Connected

  1. Log into your account. From the dashboard select Device Setup from the drop-down by Admin.

  2. Enter an appropriate Package Name for your setup so you can refer to this setup later. For example, you might use: “TelemetryTV Cloud Setup”.

  3. Under Device Type, select Custom Application URL and paste in

  4. Make sure your player is on the latest version of Brightsign OS, click to expand Brightsign OS Update under the Advanced Device Settings, then select the Production Release.

  5. Continue to deploy as normal

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