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2.2 Display Management: Devices
TelemetryTV Support by Operating System
TelemetryTV Support by Operating System

Understand TelemetryTV's support for media player devices and operating systems.

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Support for Media Player Devices & Operating System Configuration

TelemetryTV has a wide range of compatibility with a number of different hardware options and operating systems. Although compatible, TelemetryTV can only offer troubleshooting support on some operating systems and hardware respectively. Please refer to the table below to understand what coverage and support TelemetryTV offers. Users are responsible for the aspects that TelemetryTV does not offer support for.

The term "User" on the chart indicated in red denotes what the Customer is ultimately responsible for testing and verifying. The term "TTV" indicated in green shows what TelemetryTV offers support and troubleshooting for. TelemetryTV is not responsible for any issues or responsibilities that fall on the user.

Certified Devices can be viewed here.

What happens if I need assistance with an issue that falls under the "User" responsibility?

For issues that are not covered by TTV however require immediate attention, TTV will charge $200 USD/hour for support or configuration services as a professional services engagement upon request. For help, use the live chat button in the bottom right of your account screen to be connected to support.

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