Twitter App No Longer Supported
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TelemetryTV Twitter App No Longer Supported

We regret to inform you that TelemetryTV can no longer support the Twitter app due to recent changes at Twitter. Twitter has limited API access, making it incompatible with TelemetryTV and any other platform. If you have any playlist pages that utilize the Twitter app, it will no longer display content from Twitter. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Although Twitter still has an API, they now charge a minimum of $40,000 USD per month for API access, which TelemetryTV will not subscribe to. If you acquire access to the Twitter API, you're welcome to create a TelemetryTV custom application yourself. We can provide our code for rendering it to you if you wish.

The TelemetryTV team recommends that you edit any playlist pages that utilize the Twitter app. We suggest removing the Twitter app and replacing it with another app that supports your needs.

For more information on the restrictions implemented by Twitter on their API, please visit:

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