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Integrate MustHaveMenus with TelemetryTV to display restaurant menus on digital signage using a simple URL entry.

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TelemetryTV's partner: MustHaveMenus is a dedicated menu design software that allows users to easily create and customize their own restaurant menus. It offers a wide selection of professionally designed menu templates and tools to help users create stunning and functional menus for their establishments.

To use MustHaveMenus within your TelemetryTV playlist, follow the steps listed below to. Once your menu is created, you can input the URL into TelemetryTV's Website app.

Getting Started

Please Note: MustHaveMenus does not currently have an icon within the TelemetryTV app, so you will need to access it through the Website App.

To access MustHaveMenus, users can access the website app in TelemetryTV and enter the URL of their MustHaveMenus account to display their menu.

  1. Access the Website App in TelemetryTV.

  2. Click on the website app and enter the URL of your MustHaveMenus account.

  3. Your MustHaveMenus account and menu should now be displayed on the digital signage display.

Using MustHaveMenus

Once you have integrated MustHaveMenus with TelemetryTV, you can easily manage your menu content and design directly from your MustHaveMenus account.

1. Go to the MustHaveMenus site and login/ create your free account

2. Navigate to the menu you want to display on your TelemetryTV digital signage display, or create a new design. MustHaveMenus has a great selection of templates for all different types of use cases including digital signage!

3. Once you have created your menu, click the "Share" button and click on the TelemetryTV button under "Digital Signage"

Please Note: Currently, our website app only supports one MustHaveMenus page per TelemetryTV playlist page. Links generated from the MustHaveMenus will only display one page of the menu at a time.

To display multiple page menus created from the MustHaveMenus platform: users can generate unique links for each page of the menu file (shown below). Copy the unique link for each "Page Number" and paste it into separate pages on the TelemetryTV app using the Website App. Essentially to create a multipage menu, users will need to repeat the steps outlined below for each menu page.

Adding MustHaveMenus to your TelemetryTV Account

4. After obtaining the link to your menu, open the TelemetryTV desktop or browser app and select the desired playlist and the page that you would like to add the menu to. In "Apps", select the Website App and paste the link in the "URL" field

5. Users then have two options:

  • Embed the link as a "Live Webpage": Selecting "Live Webpage" will display your webpage live. If you have any dynamic elements on your page such as moving images or a slideshow, you should pick this option. MustHaveMenus does not require a login name or password, these fields can be left blank

  • OR: "Capture as an Image": This option will take a screenshot of your webpage which will be displayed on your screen. The screenshot will update depending on the refresh interval set by you. There's a few more options to configure with the "Capture with Image" embed mode:

    • Select a Size based on the screen resolution on which you will be displaying the webpage.

    • Select a Refresh Interval to determine how often you'd like the app to take a new snapshot of your webpage.

    • Delay refers to the time the system waits to take the snapshot once the page has rendered. Some webpages don't show the content right away depending on the make up of the page, so if you are noticing problems with the screenshots you can delay by a few seconds to ensure it captures the content correctly. We recommend starting with a delay of 0, and testing it out to see what works for your page.

☝️ Important note: With this embed mode, you will need to have at least 1 other page in the playlist when displaying the webpage. Even if a new screenshot is captured, it will not update unless the playlist flips to another page, then back to your Website App page.

6. Hit "Create" and you are all set! You can repeat this process to create multiple menus to display on the TelemetryTV platform. If you are creating a multi-page menu, you will need to repeat steps 4-6 for each menu page created in the MustHaveMenus platform.


With MustHaveMenus integration, you can easily display your menu content on your digital signage displays powered by TelemetryTV. Please note that for the time being, MustHaveMenus is not yet integrated as an app within the TelemetryTV dashboard. However, users can still access MustHaveMenus through the website app by entering the URL of their MustHaveMenus account.

Making Changes to Your Menu

The MustHaveMenus platform uses a draft-publishing system that allows users to work on menus, without undesired changes showing up on TelemetryTV. To make changes on menus use the following steps.

1.Sign into your MustHaveMenus account and select the design you wish to edit.

2.Make the desired changes to your design and click "Publish Changes" in the top right corner.

☝️Important note: The URL will remain static even after changes are made. Any changes published in your MustHaveMenus designs will automatically be reflected on your TelemetryTV displays.

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