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How to add the Slack App to your TelemetryTV display

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Communicate, share, discuss - Slack connects teams to ultimately get things done. 

Connect your digital displays to Slack to view ongoing discussions between colleagues from anywhere in the office. 

To add the Slack App to your displays, start by clicking on "Playlists" from the main dashboard.

Next, select "Create" and search for Slack using the search function.

Start by labeling your app - we suggest using the Slack channel or account you're going to be connecting the Slack App to.

Once labeled, click on "Create".

You'll be prompted to authorize TelemetryTV to connect to your Slack app. To continue, click "Authorize" to authorize. 

Once authorized you can preview your Slack app as well as edit your Slack App's settings from the Details tab.

Select what Slack channel you'd like to pull conversation data from. This is accomplished from the Details tab.

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