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The Twitter App allows you to display Tweet timelines in a number of highly customized ways.  

You'll need to have a Twitter account in order to use this app.

To add the Twitter App to your display, log into your TelemetryTV account.

Search for the Twitter App.

Once you've chosen the Twitter App, you'll be prompted to configure your Twitter App's display settings. You can choose from Basic or Advanced Options. 

Basic Options


The label is what you use to identify the app within TelemetryTV. 


This lets you select the type of the timeline that you want to display.  Screen Name will show tweets from a particular screen name only.  Hash Tag will match tweets that have a specific hash tag.  Search will match tweets that match a specified search query. Home Timeline will display all the tweets in your Twitter account's home timeline.

Content Filter

Use the content filter to filter the Tweets if you only want to see media or not. 

Search Query

See the Twitter API Documentation for how to construct an advanced search query.


You can adjust the display layout based on your preferences for the theme that matches your style.

Highlight Topic theme:

Side Media theme:

Fullscreen Media theme:


This lets you adjust the background that is shown behind Tweets.

Advanced Options 

Mute Words

This applies a content filter to the Tweets to attempt to filter out offensive Tweets. You should be aware however that this is best effort only due to the restrictions of the technology and Twitter you can still see offensive content.

Exclude Retweets

If you want to prevent retweets appearing in your timelines you can enable this option.

Exclude Screen Names

If you want to prevent tweets from certain users from appearing in your timelines, you can enter their screen names here.

Show Tweets Since

This lets you show Tweets that only match a specified time range.

Order of Tweets

Select the order in which you'd like your tweets to appear.

Transition and Interval

This lets you set the animation that transitions between tweets.

Autoplay Videos

If there's a video in your tweet, toggling this option on will autoplay the video.


When you're done configuring your Twitter App, click "Add App" to authorize your Twitter account to connect with our Twitter App. 

Once you've authorized your Twitter account to connect with our Twitter App, you will be able to preview your app or update your app's display configurations. 

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