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How to add the Weather App to your TelemetryTV display

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They say that you can't predict the weather, but with the Weather App you can have a good idea of what it may look like. 

With the Weather App added to your display, you will be able to see current, weekly, and hourly weather conditions for the locations of your choice.

Adding the Weather App

To add the app, search for Weather App from our available apps. 

Configuring the Weather App

  • Give your Weather App a name in the "Label" field.

  • Enter the location(s) i.e city, state and country for which you'd like to display the weather. Add more than one by clicking "Add Location".

  • Select use 24hr clock to use military time i.e. 22:00 instead of 10 pm

  • Select a theme from the drop-down. (See below for examples of themes.)

  • If you added multiple locations, select a transition interval to indicate how long you would like each location to display.

  • Change the font and font size using the drop-down and slider, respectively.


Default Theme
The Default theme is our recommended theme. This allows you to choose your own background from our pre-loaded library or upload your own custom background. You can also toggle on or off hourly and daily forecasts for your locations based on your preference.

Blue Skies Theme
This theme features current, hourly, and daily forecasts for your locations, with a blue gradient background.

Photo Theme
The photo theme changes the background image based on the weather. It includes the current and the daily forecast.

Here are some examples demonstrating the different theme options:

Default Theme:

Default theme with multiple locations:

Blue Skies theme:

Photo theme:

When you're ready, click on "Create." 

You can preview your app and edit it's settings from the right-side menu on the Apps page.

💡 Pro tip: Use Playlist Zones to display several different weather apps on one playlist page. Check out an example below:

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