UPDATE August 2020:

Unfortunately, Instagram has made a recent update which disables application developers from displaying original content from Instagram on a different platform (e.g. the TelemetryTV platform) without a login. At this time we have removed our Instagram App from the app library until further notice.

Capture, edit & share your Instagram photos to your audience with our Instagram App. 

Adding the Instagram App

  • Log in to TelemetryTV and go to the "Apps" section.

  • Click "Create" and search for Instagram in our app library. Select the Instagram App.

Note: you can also add an Instagram directly to a playlist using the Playlist Editor. More information about the Playlist Editor can be found here.

Configuring your Instagram App

From the Instagram Properties Menu on the right:

  • Give the app a Label to easily identify it in your app library.

Next, you need to choose which Instagram content source you'd like to use, Hashtags or a URL.

  • If you're using a URL, paste the URL of the Instagram feed you would like to display into the "User URL" field.

  • If you're using a hashtag, select "Hashtag" from the "Type" menu, and then add the "Hash Tag" field.

Please note: do not include the '#' when adding a hashtag, and note that Instagram does not allow multiple hashtags to be added. For example, if you wanted to add '#hawaii,' you'd put 'hawaii' into the "Hash Tag" field.

  • Show Posts Since: allows you to choose the period from which posts are displayed ('Any Time' or specific deadline measured in hours).

  • Show information will display the caption of the content when toggled on.

  • Animated zoom effect will display a subtle zoom effect on the images when toggled on.

  • Set a transition interval to select the time for which you'd like each piece of content to display.

  • Image Position: allows you to pick where the image is centred.

Image Fit - determines how the image is formatted on-screen. There's four options here: Cover, Contain, Fit, and Original Size.

  • Cover will modify the image so that it covers the entire screen, with the centre at the image position:

  • Contain will restrain the image to the image position:

  • Original Size: Applies no formatting to the original image:

Click CREATE. Your Instagram App is now ready to preview or edit. To do so, select the App in your app library and use the Details and Preview tabs on the right side.

Here's how it looks:

Show Information enabled:

Show Information disabled:

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