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How to add Google Calendar App to your display

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Stay on top of your daily, weekly, monthly, and even annual appointments with the customizable Google Calendar App. 

Sync up your personal Google Calendar to display it on a single, or multiple screens. 

To get started, navigate to the Playlists section from the main dashboard.

To the left of the page preview, select the Google Calendar App from the Apps list.

You can scroll down to find it under "Productivity" or complete a search to pull up the app (as well as similar Google apps) by using the search function in the bottom left corner. 

In order to sync up your calendar with our Google Calendar App, you will need to locate your calendar's embed code and insert it into the app's display editor. 

We've made this easy for you - from the app's properties window, you can review full instructions from Google on how to locate and embed your calendar's code into the editor. 

Check out the images below as we walk you through how to locate and embed your calendar's code as outlined in the instructions. 

Once you've retrieved the embed code for your calendar, copy and paste it into the "Embed Code" section within the app editor. 

☝️Important note: your calendar must be public to allow embedding. If the embed code says "invalid", that's likely why. Here's how to change it.

You can also use the instructions provided by Google to customize the layout, color, and view of your calendar as seen below. 

Note: if you've made edits to your Google calendar's colors, layout, or display options, be sure to copy and paste the new code into TelemetryTV's Google Calendar App editor to reflect the recent updates.

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