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How to add TelemetryTV's Google Docs App to your display

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Create intuitive, living documents and display them on a single, or multiple screens with our Google Docs App. 

To get started, access the Playlists menu from the lefthand toolbar.

From the apps screen you can use the search function to search for the Google Docs App.

Once selected, you will be prompted to configure your Google Docs App. 

You'll need to label the app and follow the instructions detailed on the app editor pop-up as shown below. 

Open the Google Doc you would like to display. 

From the Google Doc click on File >  Publish to the web > Publish to get your Google Docs URL. 

Copy and paste your Google Doc URL into the app editor pop-up window. 

Once you've inserted your Google Docs URL, click "Create" to preview your app. 

From the Preview window, you'll be able to preview your app's display.

From the Details window you'll be able to update your Google Docs URL.

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